India Cricket Team’s Pathetic Show in England: Analysis

When Numero Uno Test Side India who recently had hogged global attention by becoming World Champs in One Dayers landed in England, no Indian fan or critic would have thought such a talented, skilled and top side would roll over so easily and be thrashed so badly by inform English side in home conditions.

The Indian team never really got going on the nightmarish tour. Be it the injuries to key players, lack of planning and preparation for the tour. Also some of younger cricketers like Raina were found wanting, lacking right technique and temperament to succeed against good attack in hostile conditions.

I think Board Of Control For Cricket In India (BCCI) rightly deserves most of the flak for Indian team’s debacle which was waiting to happen sooner than later.  I agree with sports journalists and cricket fans, that BCCI seems more interested in making money than improving standard of Indian cricket.  It is common knowledge that English seaming and swinging conditions are difficult to cope for most Touring sides esp. those from subcontinent used to playing on flat wickets. BCCI in it’s wisdom felt just one practice match was enough ( owing to scheduling and commitments, when experts believed at-least three practice matches were required to get the team match fit and in peak form.

Then Fitness of Indian cricket team is a major issue. There seems to be a belief in Indian cricket that only talent is enough and one can give fitness a miss. All such excuses need to be stamped out and BCCI needs to get very strict with Players and Support staff on fitness issues. In modern professional sport, fitness is paramount. To play any sport (at the highest level) with high intensity/energy and total commitment, day in and day out, a sportsman needs be in top physical shape to perform well.

Indian Team needs to have more physical/fielding trainers, physios, high performance coaches. Plus, Indian team needs expert guidance to sharpen batting and bowling skills. Esp. Bowlers: faster bowlers or spin bowlers all seemed clueless and toothless.

Moreover, Indian team needs to conduct fortnight training camps before embarking on tough tours. This will get team bond better, focus and plan better for the battles on the field.

BCCI also needs to act tough with selectors so that senior players can be rotated wisely (and not have them break down between tours) and promising cricketers are provided opportunity in time to shine and cement their spot in the national side.


Happy Independence Day of India!

On August 15, 2011 India celebrated it’s 64th Independence day. This day freedom loving people of India remember tremendous sacrifices of great freedom fighters who gave up their lives to liberate India from Colonial/British rule. The common man also feels proud of the bravery and sacrifices of countless faceless Indian soldiers who continue to guard the nation’s borders vigilantly in the face of numerous challenges: toughest terrains, extreme weather, enemy designs, misguided youth and brainwashed terrorists.

The day began with Prime Minister ( Indian) Manmohan Singh hoisting the tricolor and  addressing the nation from Red Fort. All through all across the day, there were official parades/celebrations to mark the event. People on the streets flew kites, distributed sweets to one another and took part in festivities: cultural events, family gatherings.

Cleanliness: the necessary evil?

Like most kids, I too was taught in the school to be neat and clean. But, it is only recently that I really understood its significance. I now realize that clutter free home, not only looks good, is pleasing to the senses but has a soothing effect on mind and health of the person thereby improving the family’s overall productivity and creating the much desired harmony at the owner’s home. So, in the spirit of things, I am taking my new hobby of cleanliness quite seriously. I like sweeping the floors with the broom and cleaning the utensils with cleaning powder. I use floor cleaners and liquid detergents to remove stains that clenches onto any surface with a tight unremovable grip.

My Intro: weekend celebrations

Hello everyone, this is your friendly neighborhood blogger Krishmay. Thought, I’d share a word or two about myself and my blog with my blog readers.  I started this blog of mine so that I can share my views and experiences on a range of issues, both local and global, with the large internet global audience out there. I would describe myself as a global friendly Indian with a liberal outlook who believes in spirituality. Okay. Last weekend, was truly special for all us Indians. Sunday, August the 15th, marked the 63rd independence day of our beloved Mother India. Led by our honorable Prime Minister, Shri Manmohan Singh who began the celebrations from the ramparts of the historical Red Fort, Indians everywhere celebrated the D-Day with usual fanfare.  There were flag hoisting ceremonies and parades happening at official events, while us commoners as is the local tradition flew colorful kites in the sky, distributed sweets and participated in local community events with gusto.

My thoughts on Indian ladies Fashion Preferences

Since times immemorial, Indians especially the women folk have been very fond of jewelry. Historically, young brides after marriage were gifted ancestral jewelry by their in-laws as a sign of warm appreciation by the new family. Traditionally, Indian ladies have loved draping themselves up in embroidered silk garments, called sarees along with wearing ornaments, such as necklaces, bracelets or rings made of pure gold or silver. But now, with world becoming increasingly globalized and the younger lot becoming more vocal and independent, things are slowly beginning to change. Today, teenage girls, who like to gulp Coke and idolize western pop stars like Britney Spears are more open to experimentation with their looks and the way they dress. So, it is rather not surprising to find the urban, well-off girls in their bid to look sexy and glamorous increasingly preferring to wear miniskirts and trendy jewelry.

Miffed Google May Pull out of China

Some time back, Google in  a rare show of defiance took a major policy decision on China. The Search Engine Giant criticized China’s censorship regime, saying that it would stop filtering search results for its China operations. There have been conflicting reports, with claims and counterclaims regarding how the communist leadership has been patronizing elements that are hell-bent on fomenting trouble for the robust economies and big powers worldwide by using the widespread reach of the internet and capitalizing on the power of this global medium. Be it hacking sites, spying for confidential state secrets, use reverse phone search services or spamming and disrupting commercial activities. These shady characters seem to be using all their dirty tactics, fomenting trouble for everyone online. Coming back to Google, it had announced, that it may be forced to walk out of China if its concerns are not adequately addressed by the Chinese authorities. Is it just public posturing by Google or are they really serious about upholding media freedom and democratic principles? I guess only time will tell.

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