SEO Blog Post Round-Up (12/25/2009 – 01/10/2010)

Here’s a round-up of the top SEO blog posts from the last 2 weeks

Search Engine LandHow To Use Social Deal Sites To Promote Sales

This is a very beneficial post for anyone interested in leveraging social media to make money online. The article specifically reviews the best user-generated deal sites on the web, providing helpful tips for creating and promoting offers within these sites.

John Battelle’s SearchblogPredictions 2010

If like me you too want to learn some great technological predictions for 2010, this post will help you do that. The article put forth some great, interesting and daring predictions with sound reasoning on the future of virtual world, internet economy, software products.

DailySEOblog.com5 Reasons why Google PageRank sucks (and is no more a valid metric) !

This is an informative and thoughtful article which questions the relevance of Google PageRank (the only authoritative and successful metric today that can grade websites for their authority). It argues forcefully that the great PageRank algorithm does not match the current trends and climate.

Marketing PilgrimSocial Media Lawsuits: Another 2010 Trend?

This is a thoughtful and informative article stressing the negative fallout of the rapid growth of instant messaging and social networking sites like tweeter. Going by media reports, Potential lawsuits against adverse comments, hacked online identities might become a norm in 2010.

Search Engine Journal: How to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page & Get Lots of Fans

This is a helpful post for Facebook members looking to promote their fan page in order to get fans. The article recommends simple yet effective ways of Facebook Fan page promotion, which if followed properly may get you lots of fans and presence on Facebook.


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